Ryan suffers with pain also

March 11, 2010 at 11:08 pm

My son Ryan is 21 and he suffers with that pain also. we also see Dr Lewis along with another neuro out of Grand rapids and nothng has worked for Ryan’s pain either. we tried Lyrica recently and thought that was going to work but after 2 days his pain came back and he started getting these wierd sensations. so he had to go off of it. our neuro in GR perscribed that marijuana pill marinol but it doesnt work either. so we see Dr Lewis on April 5 and we are hoping he can perscribe something for him. Ryan is always saying he wishes he could just chop his legs off so the pain would go away. I feel so bad for him but stretching helps a little not much though.we are thinking about seeking a pain management doctor. we have to do something to see if we can get rid of Ryan’s pain.
I wish I new of a magic pill that would work for you. Hang in there. If I were you I would demand some pain meds and if your current doc wont give you something then call Dr Lewis and get a appt he will perscribe something. he is all for getting rid of pain. He told us to email him if our neuro in Gr cant find one that works. but we see him in a few weeks so we will wait if Ryan can hold out that long.