Ruined thread…

October 23, 2010 at 1:04 pm

Like Tim, I was so hoping that this thread would become a wealth of information, as I was interested to hear from many different members as to how they might be affected by the new healthcare bill, good or bad. Early on, I asked not to make this thread political, but that’s where it seems to have gone. What does it matter what news station one is watching, I am an Independent & would prefer to get my news from Fox than from somewhere like MSNBC or CNN. Actually, I think ABC is the best at showing both sides of most issues.

NorthernGuitarGuy, this is not the first time you have been at the base of an argument. You don’t even post a first name, rather unusual for this forum. You live in Canada, so why make this thread political? You recently started a thread wanting to hear from those with GBS who made a full recovery. I told you that those people usually don’t feel a need to come to a forum, as they get on with their busy lives, as most would. You mowed your entire lawn & were throwing hay bales into a truck? I coud only dream of doing either… You came down with GBS around June & walked out of the hospital after like 10 days? Don’t quote me, as I am just going by what I can remember offhand, too tired to look up old posts. Some of us have not been so lucky, I was in a powerchair for almost 3 years unable to walk, no use of my hands. That is a long time, & not easily forgotten.

I am the least argumentative person you could ever find, but I am beginning to find your posts condescending, arrogant & offensive. Tim has been around this forum for a long time, I have been on it for 8 1/2 years. He is right, it used to be a great active forum, how much it has changed. I would hate to see someone like you, who is really just passing by, alienate someone like Tim. Last year in Feb I posted a very long story of my battle with CIDP, all of the IVIG treatments I had, PE, & solumedrol; all to no avail. I then posted how it was cytoxan that finally arrested my CIDP & allowed me to at least walk again, albeit with AFOs. Others came on to criticize my protocol & it turned into a battleground on my thread. Two members who had never posted before, wrote very negatively of some of our members & now they hardly post at all.

People come on here asking, sometimes begging for help, when first hit with GBS or CIDP. Those of us who have been around a long time & have read thousands of posts over the years, have a wealth of information to try to help them. I don’t want to offend you, but I am sure I probably have. My point is, I hate when these threads get turned into arguments, my entire thread from last Feb was removed, & it took me a very long time to write, as I type with two fingers. What a shame as on this thread I believe there are some really good posts, very well thought out. Let’s all really think out what we write & try to keep politics out of it!

PS I am exhausted, past the brick wall & know I probably shouldn’t have written this, but I care a lot about this forum…