Rose & Frank

May 24, 2006 at 6:36 pm

Sounds like you are doing a great job making sure he is comfortable and it is great that he id going to receive the PP. I hope that does a good job in sending him into a good recovery. It still will be slow but each day you will see that he has 4 or 5 little brags to tell or show you.

As far as managing his visit and needs that is terrific that you understand and leave a tablet and pencil for aids and nurses to leave you notes too! It will help when he needs things from home.

One thing I can tell you is that I missed my dogs during that 9 weeks that I was in the hospital and tried all day to think of a way to smuggle them in. I finally had my husband bring in a stuff animal that would keep me company. I am 56 but it did give me something to handle. I made sure I could touch its feet and pet its head and pick it up as I got strenght and movement back. It was also used to keep my head from falling side to side since the muscles were very weak. Also made a good conversation piece.

I had trouble with it sometimes jumping off my lap and landing on the call button for the nurses. That happened several times during the night. Nurse would ome in “CAN I HELP YOU?” I was sounds asleep. I would appoligize and blame it on the dog! LOL It sat on my table next to my tray when I ate! It sat on the bottom of the bed and watched me go thru rehab. If I left the room it went with me in the stretcher or in a wheel chair. It even got to ride in the pocket on my walker. All the Nurses and Aids and even the Doctors knew its name! If they did not see it they asked. Before the sheets and blankets were removed from my room they asked where SHE was located. Really helped me get thru that last month or more and thru all the holidays!

Best gift I got was my friend had the beautician come in and cut my hair and make my face look wanted! Got rid of the COOKIE DOUGH I had for hair from those dust shampoos. OK powder shampoos. No one looks good with Guillain Barre Hair! Second best gift was the FREE coloring book and crayons my husband got at our favorite resturant and brought in for me. I actually did color in it to pass the time away and get my hands to be coodinated with my eyes that were still giving me double vision. TV and reading were difficult. Filling out a menu was another challenge later on. One gift that was so much appreciated was when my friend come in to visit during the day because my husband worked. She would open my cards and read them to me and answer the phone for me and hold it to my ear! She also read a very funny Christmas story to me that she enjoyed also. We did a chapter a day and if I fell asleep it did not matter she just kept on reading.

Enjoy your visits!