Ron, great for your f/u tests! Lori? I’ve not found any …

February 27, 2011 at 9:38 pm

‘magic bullets’ anywhere! To be straight? If there were? I’d have left here because it wasn’t needed anymore.
A GOOD nerve conduction test should be done in a warmish [NOT COLD!] place and should take at least 30-50 minutes… Both my nerve conduction and velocity tests showed continuing ‘diminished capacities’ …. from prior tests. Any test lasting 15 minutes isn’t worth the paper it’s written on, IMHO. I suspect that is why each new neuro you see wants testing done by ‘his/her people’..folks he/she trusts to do it right for them.
At times? These tests can hurt? Last testings I had, I fell asleep..mostly from the stress of getting them done [you know what I mean?] and I didn’t feel almost a thing the whole time. Limbs were that numb.. not as bad now tho.
IF you find a tech who cranks things up to the point of pain? COMPLAIN! There are some cruel testors out there! They like to watch limbs jerk around… Soo? Always get the name of the ‘testor’? And write it down to complain, if needed constructively later on. We need the good ones? But we are also at their mercy!
Lastly? Have any of you asked about Physical Therapy? IF you find a good therapist to work can and does help. Neuros don’t seem to register this until you ask. Any neuro who hesitates? Me? I’d look for another one.
maintaining muscle strengths and some activity is cruicial to restoring normal nerve regeneration ..if there is any to be done! Good luck and know you are both in my thoughts!