Rocky brave one?

March 8, 2010 at 9:29 pm

Soo right.
Maybe connected, maybe not. We are not raised nor live as lab rats.
There is a ‘saying’ among others w/immune related diseases: If you have one? expect others. Soo true.
But as Abbot and Costello did their routine? “WHO’s on FIRST?” etc.
Only luck can determine that truly. But I am not a lab rat either.
Tara for me, over the years, more and more ‘things’ have come to light that ‘might’ have contributed to the downhill to CIDP. None are conclusive nor were detected until I actually GOT the CIDP. I’ve definitely got the CIDP and Cancer and two other immune issues, plus two more on the back burner to be determined. Are they related? Maybe to likely. Could they have been prevented…not likely. Can further things be ‘prevented’.. Highly unlikely. It goes with the territory. Once compromised, there are doors open to lots of problems.
I hate going to see new docs for new issues because I get this face: 😮 covered up quickly mind you, and a ‘hot potato’ approach to me… Tooo much going on for MERE me to address YOU! Thank you bye.
It’s frustration? Yes, but it’s reality. Also the calibre of the docs you have to work with. A good doc to me? IS A CURIOUS one! No curiousity? No go for me.
I wish you more luck and a real diagnosis! ONE is out there!