August 19, 2009 at 5:27 pm

hi im 22 male i have gone through the same things since i got sick i lost over 90% of my friends i still know them but i guess you really find out whos really gonna be there through the thick and thin i felt so uncomfrtable when i got sick i did’nt like going outside and people and neighbors seeing me in a wheelchair i was very active kid growing up always running and riding my bike was my favorite. but i felt hanging out with friends is very important socializing with people your comfortable with is good thing. about the weight gain try looking up bodybuilding.com i eat oatmeal n some egg whites /w alot of water loses weight fast. tell her to try small baby step excersises like crunches and squeezing and holding muscles once results start coming i believe she will get even more motivated to try harder. try activities she feels comfortable doing. it can be simple ive picked up reading going to a zoo or watching movie being at home all the time can kinda takes its toll i was in bed for my first year and slowly moved to a wheelchair. what i liked was driving around the park slowly or lake. hope that heps if you have any questions feel free to ask best of luck