Rituximab and Honda

October 17, 2008 at 8:38 pm

I agree with the literature and we both know my position on this as I wrote a paper for my doctor. So why then did your levels of anti-MAG IgM go up? This is very puzzling. Maybe there has not been enough time for the half lives of the memory B cells which are cloning the anti-MAG IgM to fully take effect and start to die off at a statistically noticeable rate. I am extremely hopeful that you will see a decline in the anti-MAG IgM levels from this latest testing.
How about your actual health, Norb? Has there been improvement? I’m hoping so. At least a halt in any deterioration.
Had you heard of lenalidomide (alternate treatment for IgM MGUS under trials)?
Re the Honda affair…did you hear back from John Stossel at ABC news? Or the ADA advocacy office in Washington? I read your postings on Disaboom and I’m amazed that the VP of Honda has not had the courtesy of sending a reply to you. I’d send another copy to the President (with copy to the VP).
I’d like to help if I can.