Rituxan for Treatment of CIDP

March 22, 2009 at 4:53 pm

[QUOTE=tousley hyde] I need any help I can get. Names , addresses of people that have had good results with Rituxin, studies that have been successful, info on any group effort that is working for the approval, and any other ideas any one has. :)[/QUOTE]

Hi Mom of Tousley
I would gladly help because success stories are exactly what is needed to convince the insurers that Rituxan should be covered.
Unfortunately however, I have IgM MGUS which is not exactly the same as CIDP. The neurological symptoms are quite similar, but the underlying cause is different and the recommended treatments are dissimilar as well.
I would be interested in knowing why Tousley’s doctor prescribed Rituxan in the first place. It is not as commonly prescribed for CIDP as other treatments like IVIG. Was his/her decision based on studies or specific knowledge of the use of Rituxan for treatment of CIDP? Perhaps this might provide an interesting path for further research in your quest for success stories.
Glad to hear that Tousley is doing so well.