Rituxan for IgM MGUS

December 5, 2007 at 2:19 pm

Norb, Allaug, Dell’s Mom, JohnC, kenspdn, and everyone else on this Forum…
Thank you!! The knowledge which one can gain from reading the postings on this forum goes far beyond what most doctor’s, drug companies, insurance companies, etc. are willing to share. I have learned a lot in the short time since joining and am extremely appreciative.
Unfortunately I don’t have much to add to the common knowledge right now, but am happy to report that I will get my first infusion this Friday at 8:30 am. WAHOO!!! Next three are one per week finishing up on Dec 27th.
Coverage: my corporate health and dental care plan administrators (part of the corporate benefit package) have indicated that they do not cover drugs which are normally administered in a hospital! What a joke! My benefits administrator is appealing to them on the basis of this being a “drug of exception”. (knowing the cost, I doubt that she will have much success).
Still no reply from the Ministry of Health. Bureaucracy at it’s best!
At least it is deductible from income taxes (here in Canada where we are overtaxed to begin with) and the drug company has given a discount under their patient assistance program.
Never mind…if it works…then it is worth every penny to me.
I am off to rejoin the YMCA this afternoon so that I can get some cardiovascular exercise at the same time as the treatments. The physiatrist at TGH has also prescribed a balance clinic to help improve my balance. I feel that the three (Rituxan, YMCA and balance clinic) should provide a good combination toward recovery.
I’m not going to sign up for the Boston Marathon yet (ha ha), but I’m really optimistic about the Rituxan, even more so after reading Norb’s posting about half-life and effectiveness.
PS. New sensations in the last few weeks: pushed both gas and brake pedal at the same time in a rental car two weeks ago – no damage; dropping things a lot these days including my blood test request form that blew all over the parking lot before I could finally grab it; have now quit curling because it is getting a bit dangerous.