Right after my onset?

November 19, 2009 at 10:25 pm

I couldn’t hold a fork and knife to cut food for the life of me! Felt like a baby in many ways? Gimme meatloaf! Not steak… chicken fricasee, not roasted chicken breast. Ferget about whole potatoes? Good knife, good fork and a super scooper spoon are essential to just eating!
Easy flip up tops to shampoos and lotions? Ferget that as well.
IF it’s fine now? Talk to your neuro and or GP about this…could be cardiac..I Don’t say that to scare you? Just to be sure that it’s checked of the whole diagnostic ‘list’ aspect of things- and I did go thru this testing route as well?… Don’t forget that this stuff puts a heap of stressors on our minds and bodies! And checking this one aspect out is a check-off for your own peace of mind. Doesn’t hurt to ask, tho, does it?
Let us know!