Revictimizing the victim

May 6, 2011 at 12:26 pm

Jessicah, the health care system betrayed us. They did not give us all the facts, and instead they pressured us into taking these vaccines. They did not listen to us when we told them of our vulnerability or sensitivity to allergic reactions. They did not give us info about dangerous reactions, and they did not help many of the people who did get dangerous reactions. They covered up the statistics; they denied people who needed diagnosis and treatment and ongoing support.
It is the scene of the crime, and of course they should be held responsible. But because they have this great power, driven by profit and a sense of entitlement, they can do this and what can the public do about it?

In my mailbox, I still get flu shot reminders from the annual fall clinic office. The last couple of years, I also got a special notice from them indicating their concern that I had not been taking the flu shot anymore, and how this would make me vulnerable to getting the flu. Such depths of hypocrisy!

Thanks for your support, everyone! My swelling and pain continues…and it’s bad…the reaction is almost as bad as the initial pain and crippling of GBS onset. Most of the time, I can only wiggle my fingertips, my hands are so cramped. But I’m forcing myself to use my hands and feet, and fight every contraction. Once in a while, my tissues shrink a bit, and then my hands look as wrinkled as deflated balloons. Never had this problem before, and sure hope I can survive it. I’m learning to despise the pain, and just go on with my daily routine. That helps, to a point; but my usual painkillers aren’t working too well right now.
Bless you all!