retraining bowels

April 19, 2007 at 1:59 pm

biofeedback to retrain your bowels as well as enema therapy to retrain your bowels may be the way to go with your physiotherapist/neurologist.

Try lactulose it is what I take as a laxative and works great. I feel your pain because I spend about 4 to 6 hours of my day in the bathroom waiting on a bm or from horrible spasms or from the fear of having an accident. I often did not leave my home for days on end becuase of this fear.

I still have not been given any form of treatment for my CIDP and if anything my symptoms get worse and at times they get better. Please stick with the yogurt and try and get some got form of pre and probiotic supplements as well as acidophilous supplements. I am glad you are on a hypoglycemic diet as am I though I am not hypoglycemic but sugar acts as a transport across the blood brain barrier increasing inflammation around the tissues of your nerves.

My earliest attack of constipation I started with citrucel, then moved to milk of magnesia then magnesium citrate and then finally i was giving myself enemas 3 times a day this was in july and august of 2005. Since then I have lost all sensation in my bowels and only know I need to go a the last minute or if I am experiencing pain or spasms. It was only in January i found out that I have CIDP and learnt of the vegas nerve reflex. I tried using teas from the midwest college of accupuncture and they worked really well but it took up a lot of time 2 hours every 2 days to brew up the fresh herbs which included amongst other herbs dry turmeric. the midwest college is an authentic accupuncture center and the herbs are guaranteed to be free of lead and arsenic which can attribute to heavy metal toxicity which is really awful for GBS/CIDP.

Try eating a more liquid easy to digest diet I am not sure if there is someone helping you with your meals but if you would like some really healthy recipies I could have my mom email some to you as it is thanks to her care that i am doing relatively better than I was In January.

I do know the best testing for the autonomic nerves is at Mayo though some medical facilities do have some of the advanced machines. I do not have any insurance and my medicaid medicare are pending and getting any form of treatment here has been a huge issue for me. I am still trying to be officially diagnosed and get my IVIG approved. IVIG infusions should help with your autonomic issues as well. IVIG is very effective in helping with GI complications.

Please let me know if I can be of any help in directing you towards information that may be helpful to you.