restless legs syndrome

July 24, 2006 at 7:34 pm

I am was also diagnosed with GBS in 2006. I still have balance issues and can easily be knocked off balance. I have broken my foot because when I start to fall I can’t recover my balance. Tow years ago i mentioned to my primary care doctor that I was having problems with my legs and couldn’t sleep. she sent me for a sleep study and I was diagnosed with restless legs sydrome. She prescribed mirapex which is a drug for involuntary movement and is used for Parkinson patients. It works but I have to keep increasing the dosage. When I went back to my neurologist he mentioned the connection with GBS. I also am starting to have problems with my jumpy legs during the day. I try to stretch and sometimes it works, and other days it doesn’t. When I need to fly I take ativan and it helps. At least I am not alone, it seems like many of us have this condition and thanks for all the ideas.