Restaurant in Ohio

September 13, 2008 at 8:03 pm

I am familiar with Tony Packo’s Pickles since I am from Ohio but more south of the Cleveland and Toledo area. If you get any make sure you get the sweet hots not the original. They are really not hot and the originals I do not think are as good at all.
I do know that The Montgomery Inn on the water has wonderful ribs in Cinncinati. And their sauce is wonderful too. I can still get the sauce in Ten. and also the pickles in only one store in Ten. If you ever go more north towards Dover or New Phili they have a store called Buehlers (a really nice grocery store) and you can get Mids Spaghetti Sauce. THE BEST. My husband is from that area and it is wonderful to visit the Amish area off of Route 39 going towards Strasberg. The towns are Berlin, Walnut Creek, Sugar Creek (for Swiss cheese)

We use to live even more north in a small town called Wadsworth and I always got Mids sauce at Buehlers there but it is alot more north. So anyone coming from my old neighberhood brings me the Mids sauce.

That Amish area is about 45 minutes from the Dover,New Phili area . In Tn a cute little store owned by Ohioians goes there for their furniture and antique items This may be alot farther than you wanted to go to. But maybe someday.