Response to Flossie

July 1, 2007 at 3:31 pm

Hey There

Wow, a vacation for you…that is really nice. I hope you have a great and
relaxing time. Enjoy it.

The reason I’m hesitant to resume the steroid is that 5 years ago, with my
first dr., I was on 60mg and stopped taking them…he was so angry, but
nothing happened to me at all. Today, I feel so much stronger, have better
transfer lift from my bed to the wheelchair, can get to the bathroom on my
own, can do PT exercises. I’m taking Spirulina tablets, high in pre-digested
protein, carbs, minerals…they are anti-inflammatory and the author that
wrote the book I suggested to read, says works better than steroids, on a
natural level.

I read your post back in 2006 about the vitmins…but as long as you take
any steroid, you deplete your body of calcium…thus, weakened bones.
You sound like me, always searching and learning. LOL. 😀

Steroids inhibit any form of calcium absorbtion.

The book is Eating Healthy with Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford. It was
recommended to me by a Holistic dr. She also gave me accupuncture needles. She also said to take a probiotic tablet for flora in the intestines
where our immune system is. I take a vitamin from Anabolic Labs that
are only sold in hospitals. I also take a B-12 sublingual, even though the
actual shot is the best.

Well, I’ll start my own thread soon, I apologize to Sheila….Flossie, have a
great vacation…I can’t wait until you are back…

Miami Girl