Response to Brads ?? about twitching

June 19, 2006 at 9:48 pm

Hi Brad
YES !! I’m so glad that someone else out there is also experiencing the same thing, I also was dx approx 4 yrs ago, with the routine IVIG treatment, peri neuro in both legs & feet, pretty bad in the feet area. I can’t live without Lyrica, or Neurontin, if I miss a dose, I’m in big trouble. My twitching started about 4 mths ago or less, @ first it was in my legs, especially as I would start to doze off, my legs would jump, sometimes really hard, I mentioned it to my neuro Dr, and he said it was [B]restless leg symdrome[/B], which made sense , since my mom & sis both have had this condition, but my symtoms were somewhat diff from theres, then the twitching started in my arms and hands, and sometimes even in my upper torse. What is this? Do you have any ideal? I’ve got an appt on the 9th of July & going to discuss it w/ the doc in more detail. It’s not painful, just a nuisance. I have a ??? out there for anyone who has CIDP, do you swell @ all in your legs & especially in your feet and ankles. I do & bad at times. And right now I’m going thru what I guess is a relapse, all my muscles hurt so bad, my arms actually are quite painful, to the point that they are waking me up @ nite, and trying to hold down a job, and getting constantly woken , is not funny.. I’ve just recenly joined this site, and I’m so glad I did, I’ve had this illness for 4 yrs now, and NO ONE understands truely what I’m talking about, they try to, but there is no way they can truly understand. I’m sure you all know exactly what I’m talking about.
Well to answer your ??, Yes I twitch bad. If you get an answer about it before I do, would you please post what you find out.

Thanks and take care
janice :confused: :confused: