Responce To Racer 13

September 8, 2006 at 11:48 pm

Hey There!

First of all no offense taken. But you do need to re read my posts about Billys care.
First of all, the administrator never said those words and I never let on that I did speak to them.
Also, I am sure that they do know. Especially since the head of nursing rectified the situation.
Secondly, unless you have seen what I have seen, in which I can only discribe to you, you have no idea what the meaning of the word neglect is.
Thirdly, you stated that I slapped Billy upside the head. These are your words, not mine.
As for being an expert, having a medical profession, or any type of therapist, I am none of these. And I don’t profess to be. I have had and researched alot of info on GBS. I read, ask questions, and demand answers. I observe situations and try to find solutions to problems.
Yes, I am aware of the fact that this monster takes alot out of a person and that it takes an enormous amount of time to try and recoop a minutes worth the energy. This is why I have expressed my concerns to the Doctor and the nurses about his being pushed to fast to far. In turn, the Doctor has reassured me that they are not making any moves to allow this monster to make a second visit. And he explained what kind of events would have to take place in order for this to happen.
Fourth, I also know about the impact it has on, not only males, but also females. I understand your comments about this whole heartedly. I know what this has done to my husband and how it makes him feel less a man, much less a human being at this point, and it has affected his pride. Much the same way it has affected yours.
And I do know that there have been times he has said things just to get these people to leave him alone. I know my husbands weakness’ and strengths. And I am well aware that he is being tested to the max on this.
Fifth, When my husband has the fear of god look on his face because he is being ignored when a response is needed or cries because he hasn’t had a bath in two days and wasn’t turned to ease the pain, not only coming from his hip but also a bed sore the size of a fifty cent piece on his back, which just didn’t appear over the last 24 hours, and two more on each butt cheek, or has to listen to the comments such as, “This guy hasn’t missed any meals.”, which was made today during therapy, or when a nurse stands and tells me that, “When he calls us, we know that he is on a vent and we will get there to suction him in due time, but anything else he may need will have to wait until we can get to it.”, and the majority of the time it is well forgotten, which I have observed that also. So, when I see these things, on top of knowing, and have witnesses to back me up on this, that he has been over medicated to the point of no response, then I have all of the reason to be concerned and need to take care of the situations.
And Finally, I am so very sorry you have been put in the hands of this monster and have had to bare the agony in which you speak. I know that this has been a hard journey for you and I know that Billys has just begun. I know that it is not going to be easy, but I will do all that is nesscessary and within my power to make sure that he gets the proper care along the way.
Thankyou, so much for your imput. It is appreciated.
GOD BLESS YOU……………….Piper