Reslts? It depends on lots of things

April 16, 2009 at 5:39 pm

such as how long you really had CIDP before you got IVIG and a whole slew of other factors and issues.
For me, I felt a sudden ‘release’ of muscle tension in my feet and ankles withing two hours of my first infusion. By the end of my loading doses, I was able to shop like a maniac to make up for a year’s lost time!
For others tho it can take up to six months to ‘feel’ any differences, so please, be patient.
My own cane experiences are very similar to Tim’s and he’s got it explained right.
Please tho, to avoid headaches and such, be sure for the two days prior to and during infusions? Drink more than lots of water! This will help your body flush out anything that is a by-product of the IG being asorbed and processed. It’s better for your liver and kidneys in the long run and good practice overall. You will also be easier to get the IV line into you – faster the better in my humble opinion.
Should you get any headaches, be sure to take/keep notes on what the infusion rates are during your treatments. Speeding the rates up can at times cause headaches and some folks are very sensitive to this! Should they occur, let your neuro know ASAP! Don’t delay. For a start if you don’t hear from him/her? Try tylenol [1-2] and see if that helps…then keep calling your neuro! There are pre-meds that can help and an infusion headache is NOT what anyone wants to have!
It’s just great that you are getting the ‘good stuff’! And the insurance mess is over with for a while.
I sure hope you feel better and SOON!