Report from Buffalo, and a big hug for Judi and Lee

April 17, 2008 at 12:18 pm

Good morning friends,

My wife and I have completed 90% of the repairs to our house, and things are really back to normal. Yesterday was 75 degrees, and the kids got outside and played till they were tired. It warmed my heart to watch them outside when I pulled up from work. No better feeling to me, than watching them play and laugh, with my wife. Then I joined in, and it was even better. I showed my 4-year-old that Dad isn’t too bad a soccer player after all…..

Judi, Catch my hug. I hope things make that turn for you, and start getting better.

Lee, I do not know what you’re going through. That being said, I can imagine that it is very difficult. Your wife is in our prayers. Everyone here is always welcome to offer hugs and warm words. That’s been my experience with ANY difficulties that I’ve had in the past. Hang in there.