Reply To: Your Progression of CIDP

September 4, 2013 at 10:59 am

Hello all,
I am new here as well as new to CIDP. I have been suffering with this condition for 15-20 years but was only diagnosed in January 2012. It was a long road. The tingling and numbness is how it started, and I thought THAT was bad. Then the pain in my neck started. Now the muscles from my left elbow to my neck lock up and turn to stone. Now I know what pain is. It started about 45 days ago and today is the first time I’ve had any relief. There is still a lot of discomfort and some pain, but nothing compared to the last month and a half.
Now the important stuff. Could anyone please tell me what I am looking forward to? I am prepared for the worst so please be honest. I do know that it’s better if diagnosed early, but what about after 15-20yrs.?