Reply To: Your Progression of CIDP

July 26, 2013 at 11:43 pm

Sarah my cipd started in December 2012, while splitting firewood my hands started slipping on the axe and carrying the wood indoors was getting harder. My doctor tried everything for 5 months(last thing was mri of the brain) then referred me to a neurologist who ordered a spinal mri both negative. My muscle weakness had progressed and I started limping, my neurologist then did the nerve conductivity test and a spinal tap which showed abnormal protein level his diagnosis is cipd but a mild variation.
I had the plasma therapy july starting on the 9th, I walked into the hospital with a cane and walked out without one. In the short time since the therapy my strength is back, limp is gone and i feel very good only problem is leg fatigue at work (8 hours standing sucks). I am lucky that my doctors responded to my symptoms quickly and got me the treatment I needed, hope you get results like mine, I truly endorse the plasma exchange I felt better 3 hours after 1st treatment.