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March 24, 2009 at 1:35 am


Your daughter was affected from the feet up. Mines was affected from the face down to the waist. She’s young and has a bright future ahead. Dos she plan to go to college? Old dogs like myself (48 years old) have more bark than bite but is not ready for the slaughter house yet. Keep up the rehab and things will turn around for sure. Getting ready for my City’s annual yard sale. Need to make extra money this year to make life more enjoyable.

Take care!

[QUOTE=wolfdolphin]My daughter is 17 and she has been doing alot better it was tough and she did have her bad spells but we got her through it.Her goal is to be wearing flip flops by summer right now she wears AFO’s if we go to the store or somewhere where she has to walk alot,but around the house she doesn’t wear them. When she has her days that her feet are hurting we tell her it’s time to relax.She has been good as far as knowing how far she can push before she gets exhausted.

Congratulations on your 23rd anniversary that is great.

I agree with the mowing wet grass thing but your right there is nothing better than opening the windows and letting that fresh cut grass smell in

I live in Arkansas so I still have a few months to get the yard in order before it gets to hot to work outside.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.[/QUOTE]

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March 21, 2009 at 2:52 pm


I was surfing through the GBS website and just found out about your daughter.

Since you are only 35 years old, your daughter must be very young (& strong).

My wife is my chief caregiver since day 1.

We recently celebrated our 23rd wedding aniversary.

There are times when she comes home from work tired as a dog but still finds time to make sure if I need help on my daily rehab exercises.

Everyday is different Yo can’t push the button everyday, give it a rest) but as long as your out look towards battling GBS is positive and being healthier towards the goal of 90% or better), the day goes by much faster.

Mowing semi wet grass is no fun but the smell of fresh cut grass is reward in itself.

I live in California, where are you from?

Got to go, rehab calling me big time.

Peace “+”.

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March 21, 2009 at 3:40 am



Pleasure to meet you!

In my state (California), I checked out most of my job issues w/the Hastings Law School in S.F.

Once a week, they have free advice for those who are handicap and low income (Lucky me, I meet both standards).

It’s bare bones and other professionals seek help also but the law advice is free and they treat you w/respect to a degree (it’s not like waiting in line at the DMV or the Social Security Office).

It’s true that old style managers w/clout out there in the current work force need updated training procedures but they have laws to protect them also and liability is on the top of their list to prevent in a working government agency.

On EBAY, I sell almost everything except the kitchen sink (half of the items I have are donations from family & friends).

My EBAY sellers name is collector945776q4n (look it up and see the items I currently have on sale).

What do you collect?

How long have you had GBS (how old are you?).

Not trying to pry into your life (it just gives me more information to talk to you on a comfort level).

I just mastered mowing the lawn again (I still need assistance pulling the start cord from my neighbor who is 66 years old but understands my lack of hand grip skills).

Don’t be a stranger and e-mail back when you have time.

Peace “+”