Reply To: What’s going well?

June 16, 2012 at 1:39 am

Hello – All!
I was having what I call a “GBS Day” and thought I’d just look in on this wonderful forum to see if anyone I knew was still here – and sure enough, you are! Some of you may remember me – I am 2 1/2 years into this life, having been diagnosed December 25, 2009 (yup – what a Christmas gift). I was so active on the forum for about 8 months, then moved and started a new teaching job – 7th and 8th grade Science – and have been overwhelmed since then. So, what is going good? I am able to work, although I question the wisdom of that daily, my husband and I bought a 110 year old historic home in our new community, my son has been to Afghanistan twice with the Marines and just returned 2 weeks ago, I have a new puppy from the pound who makes me laugh and play with her, and my health has been stable. My GBS hasn’t changed much since I last touched base with you all – I can walk unassisted most days, my energy level is low, but I can teach (we have a 4 day week which saves me), I am slowly repainting my home in appropriate colors, and my wonderful supportive husband is still my greatest encourager and coach. I am glad for summer break so I can sit on my front porch and watch the songbirds come to our feeders – and I celebrate each new feathered friend who finds us. More is going well than not – and yes, Harryb, I am still celebrating baby steps – although there seem to be fewer these days, as I think I am about at my “New Normal”. But it is good to be back, to see the new format, to find my old friends! And those of you who are new to this world – Welcome. This forum is full of support, help, understanding and ideas. Good to be back. Cathie