Reply To: What’s going well?

March 5, 2012 at 3:35 am

I was hit with GBS in May of 2010. A year ago I was still in the hospital and in a wheelchair. Weak as a kitten, which was hard to take as I originally was pretty strong physically. I had spent near 20 yrs climbing and maintaining cell towers. Been working hard on getting at least some of that strength back. I always did all my vehicle service. Got to where I didn’t typically need an oil filter wrench to loosen the filter as I had really good hand and arm strength (from climbing). I even inadvertently broke a man’s hand once during a handshake. Of course GBS changed all that in so many ways that most of you can identify with. For a long time I couldn’t open a soft drink bottle or even unzip a ziplock baggie! Asking your 7 yr old grandson to open a Coke for his ‘ol Grandpa is sobering. As I said I’ve been working on stuff as much as I have energy to do so. It’s amazing and more than a little disheartening as how quickly I run out of energy. But I’ve gone back to doing my servicing and so on. Changed the oil and filter on my old Chevy truck yesterday and I was able to twist off the filter by hand. I couldn’t really feel it very well but I got a good hold of it and gave it all I had. All I had was just enough. Yesterday was a good day.