Reply To: What’s going well?

June 16, 2012 at 6:06 pm

Thanks NGG and Tom! You know, when I was diagnosed with GBS all the literature and even the medical staff told me that I’d be fine in about 6 months, and by a year I’d be back to “me” – leaving the GBS behind. My Neuro was not so sunshiney – he told me, based on the severity of my case, we would be seeing each other for several years and I might not ever get everything back. Thank goodness for his honesty – and for finding this forum. Right away I met folks on here who were 1, 2 even 5 years post dix and still dealing with GBS issues. I still see my neuro at least every 6 months, am still on the pretty heavy med schedule that I was when I was released from the rehab hospital, and my cane is easy to get to, if I need it. I find that I do often take it with me when we go out to dinner – the end of the day is so tough. I’ve actually had to use it at school a couple of times – but try not to. And every so often (when I overdo) I have a “GBS Day” like yesterday when I sleep about 20 out of the 24 hours. But then the next day – today – I feel great!

So what is going well? You guys – and everyone on the forum who share support and have the courage to ask for support when they need it. Today, when I got up at 6:00 and planted 12 Zinnias in my flower garden, to fill in an area that I overlooked earlier this year. To have 5 males and 1 female Goldfinch on my finch seed sock – all at the same time! And to have my new little pound puppy curled up beside me in the chair as I type this. She is a whopping 5 pounds of white fuzz, with deep black eyes, nose and mouth. The vet and groomer say she is mostly Malteese so should not get much bigger – but her heart is as big as all Arizona, and is as gold as what they are now mining now in Bisbee. How can a person fall so deeply in love with an animal in just 2 weeks? She is so good and quiet as we watch the birds from the porch.

Days like this I can almost forget the GBS, until I have to take my front steps like a little girl, always leading with my right foot because that one seems to know where it is going best, and when I take my nap from 2 ’til 4:30. (My goodness, how am I going to teach this fall, with no nap time?)

But GBS has added to my life, too. I am now grateful for every day. I am grateful when I allow someone to help me if I need it. I have learned how to be humble and accept that helping hand. And I stumbled on this forum that provided me with the help, support and friendship I so desperately needed when I first met GBS. Newbies, understand this may be a life changing event, but it does not have to be all bad – we all celebrate good times we might have overlooked before. Every night I identify 3 good things that happened during the day, and share them with my wonderful husband – and he does the same. It is a good way to end the day.