Reply To: What has happened?

May 5, 2013 at 10:46 pm

limekat–yes that was Yuehan, he used to give a lot of valuable info on this site. He helped me tremendously with information when i was planning my trip to the mayo clinic.
I inquired as to how he made out at northwestern too and found out he may be posting on the sct/cidp facebook page.
That is a very informative page, many posters who used to be on here but have undergone sct are on that page.
There is also a few cidp groups on facebook, if you have a fb acct and put it in your search engine a few will come up. They are open groups, you can read the posts but cannot comment and join in the discussion unless you join the groups.
i think i remember reading somewhere that there were plans to improve this site by adding messaging and a search feature. Lori