Reply To: Weird Leg Vibration

May 9, 2012 at 12:58 am

When I have my cell phone on vibrate I cannot tell when it goes off – in the front pocket or the back, I still can’t tell. While I was on a regular schedule of IVIG infusions, and after almost 9 months of that schedule, I could feel the cell phone. I have been off a regular schedule since before Thanksgiving and guess what? Cell phone madness is back in both legs – along with the shooting stars (electric jolts), the cement leggings (heaviness in my legs), the poison ivy (I feel like I have little glass shards inside my veins that are painfully and terribly itchy). Sound like fun? I wouldn’t wish this on anyone – not a single bedeviled soul. 2 3/4 years later I am sliding backward towards that awful start; ugg!
Neurologist is now looking at Plasmapharesis for me…. from the research and info found on this forum, I am hopeful it will re-set my immune system to accept IVIG again or enable my body to try another medication.
***Who needs cell phones ringing all night long? NOT ME! 🙂