Reply To: Vortex Ports

July 23, 2012 at 2:10 pm

Hello Everyone,
My husband has a rare form of CIDP which requires him to take plasmapheresis treatments every third day in series of 7 treatments, then his body can only go about a month and then he has to do it again. He is having surgery tomorrow and will be the first person that they have ever installed the new double port into his chest for permanent lines for the treatments. They told us that it is so new that it had never been displayed and the reps had never even seen one, it was just invented. So they are flying the special unit, and the rep in town for his surgery and had to get special needles to be able to do the treatments once it heals. He is having his surgery at Memorial Medical Center in Springfield, IL tomorrow, July 24th at 8:30am. So I am very hopeful that this will be much better than the way through the neck they had been going until they all became blocked for so much use and he got a massive staph infection in his blood from the neck port. They told him that if he did not have this procedure done that they would have to put him in hospital and he would have to stay while they put it in his femoral artery in his groin to do the treatments, so we are keeping fingers crossed. He also has other dieseases such as COPD, Celiac Sprue, End Stage Renal Failure, Sarcoidosis, PTSD, and Gulf War Illness. The military is not helping with anything and I have found that his one treatment from end of January costs out of pocket $3000.00, and he has had 19 treatments so far, before the staph infection. The new port that they are installing will allow them to be able to work with the 80ml/minute instead of the normal 40ml/minute that is what the current ports do. I will let everyone know how this goes with this new port system, considering it is never been tested before, so he is a ginnypig so to speak, but he is getting used to that with all of the other surgeries and things that they have had him on. Hopefully this will be able to help get him off some of the meds, he is on 43 pills per day at this time.