Reply To: Vortex Ports

July 23, 2012 at 2:21 pm

I also forgot to mention that the recovery time is 2 weeks before the ports can be used and they will be implanted under the skin in his chest. He will have to do these treatments for the rest of his life and will never have a chance to step down, to other things considering the rarety of his condition, per the neurologist, the pathologist, and the primary doctor. But we can always keep our fingers crossed that he will be able to taste again and hopefully be able to feel me touching his face. His form of CIDP has affected all of the nerves in the body, not just legs or feet, it has taken his hands, arms, torso, his sight issues, his sense of touch to his face or anywhere on his body, and even his sense of taste, he can not taste anything or it tastes like hot white pepper to him.
Thank you all for listening to our story,