reply to Vicki about edema

June 23, 2006 at 6:31 am

Would you happen to remember about the thread where you read about the others having similar edema problems. My doc is also running a new bloodtest for something called: Amyloidosis. The nursing company came out to my house yesterday afternoon & took the blood. That is one thing that they are all having a problem w/ now, is getting the needles in the arm, my veins are so messed up from the yrs of being on IVIG. I am intelligent enough now to tell them to use the “butterfly” needle, that’s the only needle that will go in.
As much as I’m dreading next week’s treatment, I’m also looking forward to it, because I have gotten worse, I hurt all over my body now, and the morning are the absolute worse. All my joints hurt unbelievably, and my fingers will not bend @ all for the first 20 minutes or so, I have to work them. I use my hands all day @ work, so they have to work.
You mentioned your patients, what area is your profession in? If that’s not being too nosey. This is just so nice for me to talk w/ someone who understands everything I’m talking about.
Well Vicki, it’s early here in the south, and I’m just now getting my first cup of coffee down, so I’ll say bye for now.
have a Blessed day .