Reply To: Uppdating from Iceland

April 1, 2012 at 10:20 am

well Im still alive :))) I got new indentety here in this forum, not been here before 🙂 I still have not recover for good from the GBS and still resling with pain and numbness in my feet and hands, and need still having a nap over the day to make through the day. how are you guy´s? we are still closed country and have to beg if we want some cash to get to other countries or import things. Goverment are still fighting how things should be in future. But more and more people are loosing their home and geting food from the church for they have no money to support their family everthing goes into the banks to pay up loans, even though you dont own a house that the loan was to buy it for. Yea living in such small country should be easy but it aint at this time.