Reply To: Time Between Relaspe

September 25, 2013 at 5:11 pm

I relapsed 3 times during my rehab(s). My medical plan was to switch over to Azathioprine/Immuran at 200 mg/day from predisone (60 mg/day). I did have to gently ramp up (increase daily dose by 50mg/day every 3 weeks) to the 200mg/day on Immuran. I was only up to 100 mg/day on the Immuran when I had my last relapse in the first week of May this year. What the Docs noticed on the last relapse was that my recovery time rehabb’ing was real quick because of a dosage of IVIg. Then I went back & constructed a “Calendar” of my treatments starting in Jan. What I found was my relapse cycle was 30 days. Discussed that with my neuro’s who may or may not found that interesting. However, my medical plan was changed to add 2 day infusions of IVIg every 30 days. Two weeks ago Friday I was totally off of predisone & had my monthly infusion of IVIg. I have NOT used a wheel chair since mid May, and sine yesterday have NOT used my wheeled walker, plus using a small footed quad cane around the house. I also have been going what I term as “Freestyle”, i.e., no cane, just walking.

So knock on wood, I have escaped the June/July/August/September relapse cycles. The “Plan” for me is to continue on this course until Jan, & then to switch to a one day IVIg Infusion Cycle.