Reply To: throat collapsing, veins hurt!

June 22, 2012 at 2:58 pm

Hello dear,
Just an attempt to calm you. I think you have a relaps, after doing a little bit too much. I received my second IVIG infuse this morning and the nurse told me that many patients complain about a burning feeling in their vains. I don’t have this sensation, but it is common and it disappears after a while.
A suggestion, hoping you will not feel offended. I have read you posts, and I am under the impression that you still have not accepted your disease. It looks to me that you are still fighting your disease, instead of living with it. Have you considered to consult a psychologist? I have done so and it really helped me to get through my depressive periods.
I keep on thinking about you,
Sending some strength over the Atlantic,
(Netherlands / Europe)