Reply To: throat collapsing, veins hurt!

June 24, 2012 at 1:20 pm

have not been on in a while, weren’t you thinking of another doc? If so, can you just go to Mayo and get it over with so that you can have a difinitive diagnosis? Regarding the depression comment, sincemoney and time are an issue regarding psych. would your doc prescribe something? Cymbalta would help with depression AND pain. Some people have great results with it, as well, it can go the other way, but maybe you can try. Weren’t you going to get another loading dose? Did that ever come to fruition? You have got to get a diagnosis. I remember our psych dx, then CMT (ms) dx, then gbs, finally cidp. That stressful time was bloody murder. Once we KNEW for sure what we had, the stress level decreased by more than half and we could focus on a treatment paln that worked with our symptoms.

About the vein issue, some people get that reaction from the ivig. A viscosity issue. Julie, another member had that issue and the itching as well. Those are a couple of the reasons she switched to sub q. She also reported that the sub q kept her feeling better from the cidp standpoint as well as reactions. Sub q might be a better alternative for you as well as you could do it yourself at home at the end of the day, with no side affects to follow. If the veins and itching are an issue, you have to figure something else out soon. At this point with an unconfirmed dx, it may be throwing a wrench into the pot. So maybe you could ask if you could get solumedrol in the iv before or after infussion to help with your reaction until you figure out this diagnosis issue. Good luck, keep us posted