Reply To: The Language of Polyneuropathy

February 19, 2012 at 2:59 am

wow.. yall sound so similar to me!!! Gosh, I have cravings of going on a nice jog!!! It sounds amazing!! But for now I’ll be thankful i’m walking! Before this whole thing hit me, right after I had my son I was running again, and couldnt’ get the smile off my face! I was SOO happy to have pregnancy (after 4 years of on and off pregnancies/miscarriages and high risk/bed rest etc) behind me and finally able to get my body back get in shape haha.. little did I know my body was about to be REALLY thrown for a loop!

Patty- SOO nice to hear you had brisk reflexes too!!! I have always had brisk reflexes all my life, my whole family is thin and does too.. Were your emgs/ncv’s , LP’s etc all typical of CIDP??

Did yall both have back pain around the onset of your CIDP?? Each “relapse” I have had I have had sharp shocking sensations going down my back… very different feeling than anything I have ever felt, a few days later symptoms are worse!