Reply To: The Language of Polyneuropathy

February 13, 2012 at 9:17 pm

Lori- I agree! I can feel everything, and sometimes more senstive, but can’t feel things all at the same time .. haha we have a 170lb dog!!! and I have a broken toe from running into too many things, the door finally got me good!!! I can feel it ok!
Oh, i meant as far as thin people go that their reflexes are usually more brisk, I don’t know if cidp is more common in thin people , but the tall thing is interesting.. I am 5.10! Do you sometimes not know where your limbs are?? I’ll be holding one of my kids or sitting on the couch etc, and I have no clue where my arms or legs are!?! It was one of my first symptoms.. I thought at the time I must have MS.. but was so busy with kids and work, figured I’d deal with that when it made me deal with it.. haha.. didn’t realize it would result is such a big life change!