Reply To: Stem Cell Transplant

May 23, 2012 at 11:15 am

Fred – so sorry you have to deal with the extra frustration along with this horrible disease … I wish you great success. And, if you do start to show the active demyelination, you might head back to Chicago. Sometimes “no” from them means “not now”.

Lori – thank you. It’s been quite the journey but worth it! We are not certain what happened with yuehan. He might be posting on fb under his real name and we just don’t realize it is yuehan. He was in at the same time as a friend of mine and I know he was pleased with his improvements before he left the hospital … but don’t know anything after that. I will check with Jenn to see if she’s heard anything. If I can find out anything, I will post here. If I can reach him, I will ask him to post here.

How are you doing?