Reply To: Stem Cell Transplant

May 29, 2012 at 11:13 pm

Thanks Linda – the information is quite valuable. I have recieved some information from Paula at NW that I will review with my local Neuro next week. I am still working & the IVIG gives me about 9-10 decent days between the bi weekly treatments thus my dilema of decision making. Can I /should I go on like this where I get no better & possibly worse or take the plunge. No gaurantees that my current job would still be there when I was able to return. The insurance should be a doable thing since they have been covering about $25k/month in IVIG infusions. If not, it would put a dent in the retirement fund but then I could keep working another 10 yrs ! I don’t FB much as too many inquiries-comments-well wishes, etc about things I like to keep private but my e-mail is THX Pat