Reply To: Starting my 4 day load up of ivig

July 29, 2012 at 4:47 pm

Finished my loading dose 2 weeks ago, they choose to do 50 grams in 4 days, still a total 200 grams. I felt nothing during infusions and I still have not felt any improvement as of now. I am unsure what started my neuropathy, but 30 years ago I was told it was trauma, then I was told it was genetic neuropathy something I was born with, both of these where diagnosis in my small town, then went to Ohio state 5 years ago and was told it was moving too quickly to be genetic and was given the peripheral diag. It wasn’t until 9 months ago when I went to Cleveland clinic that I was given the CID diag. I was hoping to feel something different by now, I need hand strength and balance!! Thank you everyone.