Reply To: SSDI, GBS and motorcycle riding

February 21, 2012 at 9:37 pm

a two wheel motorcycle might be questionable (which I both can and can’t understand because it sounds like one of those loopholes that only the govt can put into place) but what about a three wheel (yes I understand it is not the same…see below)? Still get to enjoy the open road but have other issues of safety and such taken care of. I don’t know if this is an option for you but trust me I do understand your plight. This stuff has taken away so much from us that the one thing we find freedom and enjoyment in might also be taken away if we don’t play by the rules. Just because you could enjoy a ride does not mean it wouldn’t put you in bed for a few days, so how that can be turned around saying if you can ride for a couple of hours then you can work too. Not sure how you are doing but I know that after almost 6 years post gbs I still don’t have a clue what my limitations are because they vary so much…sometimes even an hours time can cause a flare up or melt down. I really hope that you get to ride again, it sounds like you enjoy and miss it very much, and I hope that it doesn’t interfere with other things. Sometimes we have to have SOMETHING to look forward to, to keep us sane, to give us hope. Please look into this and ask around for clear answers. I want to hear of your adventures and fun!
I have a hot rod that is parked and needs work to get her back on the road. She is a manual and I realized not too long ago that there is a huge chance I do not have the strength to drive her or work the clutch anymore. She has been the only car I dreamed of owning since I was 14. Got her in my early 20’s and she has been sitting waiting for money and time for a couple of years prior to me getting sick. I dream of being behind the wheel again, SO said we could convert her to an automatic—we won’t discuss my reaction or feelings about that—-but the reality of my own situation is I may never drive that car again and it really hurts to think gbs has more than likely taken one more hope away from me.