Reply To: SSDI, GBS and motorcycle riding

March 6, 2012 at 4:30 am

I remember the stamina issue from my experience long ago. What works around a small town is not so practical on even a modest road trip. The bike I want now is about 400lbs. I expect I could right a bike of that weight. The effective weighr should be about half the actual weight, is that correct? I would hope to be able to ride it up the Oregon coast from the SF Bay Area, a pretty long trip on a bike.

I’m pretty near normal now above the knees. Just a small tremor in my hands now and then, but no dexterity issues. My leg strength is pretty good, but my knees are wobbly. It doesn’t interfere with driving a car, and I wouldn’t think it would matter on a bike. With my feet, the main issues are pain and weak dorsiflexion. The pain is there pretty much all the time; it only gets worse when I have weight on my feet for a long time, so I don’t think that would be a hinderance. It doesn’t stop me from getting around now. Dorsiflexion is used to shift gears on a bike, but I’ve been told there are heel-and-toe operated levers to work around this. There’s nothing wrong with my head at all, unless you count wanting to get on a motorcycle in the first place!

Tom, I feel like my balance is pretty near normal. Recently, for the first time, I discovered I could jump of the floor (not very far) and come down still standing. This is a year and a half into my recovery. A year ago I was barely walking with a cane, and my balance was challenged all the time. Balancing a bike would require a refresher course, and there is one of those offered near me. I have never tried the bike I’m thinking of (MG Nevada Classic), but if I couldn’t manage to stand over it and control it, I wouldn’t consider riding it, of course. I am 6′ and 200 lbs, by the way, trying to get back below 190. Question 3: Now because I am retired and have the time, and at (almost) 65 not much more time. A life-threatening illness that forces one into early retirement can change one’s view of what things are important, as I suppose many here know.

It is not all certain I will do this. It’s just something I’m thinking about. We’ll see. Thanks, both of you, for the tips.