Reply To: shoes? inserts?

January 23, 2013 at 5:54 am

The best shoes I’ve found that tend to be least painful, at least for me, are New Balance Sneakers that are a size wider than what my foot actually is. Rockports in wide widths seem to overcome most shoe makers that try and make the heel wide as well. So far, those are the only shoes I’ve found barable to to wear any length of time.

I also found that very snug fitting socks tend to make my feet hurt worse. I’ve learned after 30 years of neuropathy in my feet that it is far better to spend a little extra on padded ankle high socks and Rockport and New Balance made a huge difference. I’ve only spoken to one other person with GBS residual foot pain, and she was very grateful after trying my suggestions on spending a little more. Besides, I’ve found that New Balance and Rockports have far outlasted almost any other brand. Hope this helps.