Reply To: Shingles Vaccine

April 18, 2012 at 2:31 pm

Wow Barbara, amazing. I agree that its a stressful time and a virus that triggers GBS. Our sitter had broken her arm, we milk cows at 3am every morning, and I work off the farm a fulltime job. Plus we do not live on the farm yet, my mother in law does. So we would run, split the day, with running back and forth, milking, feeding, cleaning barn, while one of us was watching the girls, in the winter (feb 2011) then i would run back to work in town, while watched the girls, because i had my job that had to be done also. Pretty soon he just got so worn down, and a head cold, then the tingling in the feet and overnight it moved up his body, and he was hospitalized with GBS and spent the 62 days in a hospital 30 miles away. We look back on this now 1 year ago, and see just how worn out he really was, but never thought of anything this GBS happenening. So scary this was for him and me and our 3 girls. I still remember when he called me from the barn that night and told me he thought he was dying, but couldnt describe how to me, he didnt know what was going on. Then he lost everything in his legs and up his body it moved, so fast too, by the next morning it was in his face, lost his hands movement, etc. He literally thought he was dying, and I myself had that feeling too just from seeing him. I was so scared….for him….thank you for sharing Barbara. How are you doing now? He is pretty tired, and limited on his abilities too. But we have him home and thats wonderful. thanks Brenda