Reply To: Second try on SubQ

March 6, 2012 at 4:12 am

starli and selahsmom:
Just met with my neuro and insurance co still says no. My dr would love to call your drs to find out how they got it approved. Apparently, I don’t have a typical CIDP case and am very, very thin.

I can tell you that thanks to your info my neuro went to a medical clinic on sub Q and the Weill Cornell Medical Center will be starting a trial for CIDP Patients (that meet the strict criteria) for sub q. Go figure – I don’t meet all their requirements.

*Would you mind passing along your doctor/hospital name so my doctor can contact them about how they got insurance to cover?

thanks so much – I am back to that dreadful iv pole, headaches, brain fog and … 6 hr fun included 🙂