Reply To: rituxin treatments

April 5, 2013 at 6:31 am

Changing diets was rough at first.  I did feel a drastic change in strength and mobility in my legs.  My stamina increased as well.  I was able to work full weeks again.  Teaching Phys ed is tough when your legs dont work right.  Kind of ammusing at times.    I started treatments and the diet at the same time, the docs said that the treatments would not be working that fast, must have been the diet.  My nero team at dartmouth hitchcock was shocked at my improvement.  Than i went back in for another Rituxin treatment and my symptoms came back very strong, became extremely weak, sore and tired for about two or three  weaks.  ive been getting Rituxin for six months now and have not improved because of the medicine, tough call to continue or try something new.  I feel im doing myself more harm getting the treatments.  My symptoms sound about the same as yours.  Drop foot, ankle support, poor balance.  Im very curious about the stem cell treatment, im sure you have done your research. What are the main pros and cons of the treatment?