Reply To: rituxin (again)

March 22, 2012 at 5:44 pm

thx shellbones–yes any info on it helps. I am not on any other immunosuppressants—previously tried a 3 month trial of prednisone (almost 2 years ago) and it made me worse. That is one reason why i am a little positive about the rituxin. when i was reading through some of the older rituxin posts there were others who got worse wit prednisone and significantly better with rituxin—-something to do with the whole b cell, t cell thing. the whole conversation ended up getting a little over my head at the time.
I wish i had written down info from the old forum, i had e-mails and phone numbers of members who said to contact them if i ever got to the point of being on it. sure would like to talk to some of them now. haven’t seen any of them on here since the forum restarted. I hope they are not on here because they are doing well and are out having fun—-not because the rituxin has killed them!!! I will be sure to post how i made out on it so future users will know. does the immuran carry the PML warning? did you have any tests prior to see if you were in fact at risk? online i read about some test that tells whether or not you are one of the 50% of the population that carries the dormant cells (or whatever??) that would even put one in the risk group.