Reply To: Rituximab

October 27, 2013 at 6:00 pm

Thanks Rick,

IT is interesting to hear the differances in treatment plans. I am going to be getting mine at OHSU, here in Oregon. The Oncologist claims ahat I will probably only have to have two infusions, 15 days apart, and then they will check my “b” cells. IOf they are surpressed enough, then that is all. He also said that then they would just do blood tests and keep an eye on those cells, and it could be a year or more before I would need Rituxan again. He has one patient that hasn’t had another infusion for 18 months! I sure hope he is right….! I can’t hafve IVIG at all, so have not had any treatment since June now.
My Oncologist didn’t say anythign at all about Decadron either. Hoping they don’t have to use that as I have had some bad reactions to it in the past.
Thanks again for sharing your journey with me. Maybe we can compare notes on here as we both go forward?