Reply To: rituxan

March 24, 2012 at 2:55 pm

I too, am struggling with IVIG iv – too many side effects and now quickly backsliding in so many ways.
Re: a new option for CIDP patients: my doctor at Weill Cornell Medical Center just got a trial approved for sub q ivig – all the benefits with none of the side effects from the infusion. The good news is that this will be opened to all those patients who meet the “typical cidp criteria.” I am so glad that I kept encouraging my dr to look into this — that’s the good news. The bad news: I personally don’t qualify as I have “other inflammatory and toxic neuropathy.”
FOR ALL PATIENTS WHO PRESENT AS A TYPICAL CIDP PATIENT YOU MIGHT WANT TO LOOK INTO THIS! From all the reading I have done, it’s all the benefits with little of the pain of the iv drip.