Reply To: "Re" Loading dose of IVIG?

October 13, 2013 at 4:22 pm

I don’t know if relating my expierence will help with your decision but here goes. I’ve had two 5 day loading doses of IVIG since my diagnosis in February 2013. The intial dose and then again in April after a relapse. I have since been on IVIG on a changing schedule. My neurologist adjusts my schedule to fit how well I feel and according to the results of my latest EMG. So I’ve been on 30gm twice a week every other week and then 30 gm once a week every other week. I recently relapsed again (after being taken off Prednisone),and my dosage and the frequency were increased temporarily. I had three treatments of 45gm in one week, and I now recieve 45gm IVIG twice a week. I tolerate the IVIG very well. I agree with you. I feel that the IVIG does not work quite as well as it did intially. In my case this is due to the fact that I am doing so well. Changes now seem to be so subtle. This latest round however has improved the sensation in my feet to the point where my soles are actually ticklish! I was beginning to believe that I would always have neuropathy in my feet. Now it seems I may actually have normal sensation again someday. I’m sure this won’t help, but I don’t think there is a normal. We all respond so differently to the treatments we are given. If you feel you are at a standstill in your recovery only you and your neurologist can determine what may best benefit you. If you tolerate the IVIG, then trying the higher dose may actually make you feel better. Increasing the dose in my case appears to have improved my neuropathy. This is only my expierence however. I am now waiting for the results to my latest EMG to see where we go from here. Wish me luck!