Reply To: Proximal and distal weakness anyone?

February 24, 2012 at 2:34 am

such a rapid onset?? Are they getting any closer to an actual diagnosis for you or are they just going to treat it as cidp and see how you respond? Are you still thinking of going out to Mayo? Isnt it awful when you go to do something and realize you cant anymore!! thats how it was for me– i went to show my son how to do a triple jump for track and realized i didnt have the strength to push off for the jump—-and to think i had the record for it when i was in school !! the same with running, i stopped when my feet were hitting the ground so hard its a wonder i still have knees and a back left. the other day i went to stand in a chair to change a light bulb and realized i no longer have enough balance to stand on a chair, i guess the extra height??i just know that when i went to stand if i didnt keep one hand on the back of the chair i couldnt balance.
But i think it is a good sign that you regained so much with the ivig–it shows that it was working at least and hopefully you can get it again before getting any relapse so you wont lose what you gained back.